Competitive Events

2014 International Career Development Conference Opening Ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia

Students have the chance to compete and aspire higher at the three competitive conferences: Northern California, State, and the coveted International Career Development Conference.

To compete at ICDC, students must qualify at State, placing in the top four of their event. 

Always talk about your product, service, or idea as if it is the best thing in the world. If you feel confident in yourself and your presentation, the judge will be sure to see your passion.
— Clarisa Kusumonegoro

Written Events

Written events consist of a written business plan prepared prior to competitions and the presentation of that plan to a judge. After you present to the judge, you will be asked a few questions regarding your business plan.


Roleplays are the most popular event, and they require you to think fast and on your feet. In a roleplay you are presented with a prompt that depicts a problem which is likely to occur in the business world. You are given 10 minutes to read the prompt, take notes, and brainstorm creative, effective solutions to the issue presented in the prompt. After your 10 minutes are up, you present your ideas to a judge. The judge then proceeds to ask a couple of questions regarding your proposed solutions. 

Principle Events

If the idea of a roleplay seems overwhelming and intimidating, a principle event may be right for you. Principle events are a subsection of the roleplay category. The procedures in a principle event are identical to those of a roleplay, but principle events are reserved for 1st year members only, which means you will be competing against members with a similar level of experience! 

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