What is DECA?

DECA is best when you have no expectations. It’s not about winning; it never should be. Remember, you’re there to learn and gain new experiences. Winning may say a lot, but your character will say more.
— Marissa Wu

DECA provides a unique learning and social experience that no other organization on campus can claim to match. We connect classroom education to the real world by taking an interactive hands-on approach through real-life simulations of business encounters.

Because DECA is an international organization, we travel across the country for our renowned business competitions, where students are able to expand their networks with the nation's innovative young leaders and entrepreneurs.

The experience DECA provides is only the beginning. Ultimately, our students are able to use their skills to open doors to future opportunities and provide themselves with the tools they need to optimize their potential to succeed in the business-world and beyond!

Castro Valley DECA C.A.R.E.S.


Through DECA, Castro Valley High School students learn how significant community service is to improve the lives through (C)ontribution, (A)dvocacy, (R)elationships, (E)ngagement , and (S)upport.